All Eyes and Ears

A Good Intern

We’re looking for people eager to learn about social media and crowd funding campaigns, and willing to meet the producer at the Film House, 644 Broadway in San Francisco, on a part-time schedule to help us launch.

We’re currently building out our website, Facebook page and Twitter feeds for the feature film and the twenty short docs we’re completing. We’re cutting trailers for the crowd funding and for the feature. We’re in sound mix and color correction on the feature which are really interesting parts of the post production process. We’re willing to open up all of these exciting parts of the filmmaking process to anyone interested in helping us out.

We’ve also got our festival run coming soon and will need intern help before, during and after the festivals. While it’s unpaid, the internship should be a great learning experience and opportunity to meet and collaborate with good people.


- college level education (in process or recently completed)
- interest in film
- interest in social media and crowd funding campaigns

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