All Eyes and Ears

CAAMFest screenings of 'All Eyes and Ears'

We're excited to be playing CAAMFest. Join us at one of our two screenings in March.

A timely exploration into the complex links between the U.S. and China, Vanessa Hope’s documentary feature debut evokes the personal and the international with its accent on diplomacy, activism and individual experience. Interspersed with remarks from journalists and experts, ALL EYES AND EARS interweaves the stories of U.S. Ambassador to China Jon Huntsman, his adopted Chinese daughter, Gracie Mei, and blind legal advocate Chen Guangcheng as they find purpose, identity and resolve amid the two nations’ evolving relationship.

The film follows Huntsman and his family during his tenure as ambassador. As he contends with achieving diplomatic goals in balance with the two countries’ interests in national security and economic growth, teenager Gracie gathers a more intimate understanding of her own cross-cultural identity. Meanwhile, Hope traces Chen Guangcheng’s journey — from being under house arrest to his highly publicized asylum at the U.S. Embassy — highlighting the activist’s thoughts on China’s ambitions as an emergent world power. ALL EYES AND EARS adroitly illuminates the delicate, intersecting layers of history, ideology and politics at play behind current diplomatic maneuvers.

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Jeanette Surmeier - 25 Apr 15
I am very much interested in this. My daughter adopted a little girl when she was 10 months old from China, Kati Zi she is 12 yrs. old now & we are very blessed to have her.
All Eyes and Ears - 29 Apr 15
Thanks so much for your interest, Jeanette! Stay tuned here and check out our Indiegogo page ( for more info on the film and when we'll be heading to a city near you!

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