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Articles and blog posts on the ongoing situation in China. Updated periodically, as new articles come out.

"Crackdown in China: Worse and Worse" by Orville Schell, The New York Review of Books
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'Xi Jinping flirts with danger in his turn to ideology' by Stein Ringen, South China Morning Post
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'Kowtowing to China’s despots is morally wrong and makes no economic sense' by Steve Hilton, The Guardian
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USC US-China Institute Assignment: China Series
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'Chinese activists in US blame Beijing for relentless cyberattacks'
by Joshua Eaton, Christian Science Monitor
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'Who is Xi Jinping?' by Jonah M. Kessel, New York Times
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'China is bringing sophisticated censorship to the US for president Xi’s state visit,' by Sophie Richardson, Quartz
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'Who will speak for Chinas dissidents?' by Suzanne Nossel, Los Angeles Times Op-Ed
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'Sino-American Relations: Amour or Les Miserables,' by Winston Lord
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'Sweeping Attacks on Rights Defense Lawyers Threatens China's Entire Legal Profession,' Committee to Support Chinese Lawyers
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'China Targeting Rights Lawyers in a Crackdown' by Andrew Jacobs and Chris Buckley, New York Times
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'To Manage China, Fix America First,' by Wesley Clark, The New York Times
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'Yearbook 2013: Civilising China,' The China Story
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'China To Use Big Data To Rate Citizens In New Social Credit System,' International Business Times
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He Fought the Law’, by Jonathan Mirsky
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'The Power of One', The Economist
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'Revisiting Chen Guangcheng’s Great Escape', WSJ
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'Born Red', The New Yorker
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'Is Democracy in Decline', Journal of Democracy
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'The Coming Chinese Crackup', by David Shambaugh
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Asia Society's China File
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China Real Time report
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Sinocism newsletter, by Bill Bishop
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Asia Unbound
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